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Increase efficiency and certification with Profab Access

More than any other sector, the UK government has backed the construction industry as the leading force in driving economic growth and achieving financial stability, following the significant disruptions caused by COVID-19. Here Marcus Parnham, Commercial Director at Profab Access, explores how the building products industry is evolving to successfully support professionals in achieving an increased and more efficient rate of construction, whilst simultaneously meeting greater requirements for testing and certification.

The building industry often leads the way out of economic crises, with 2021 being no different. Last year’s Queen’s Speech set out the government’s regulatory agenda and included new legislation on infrastructure and housing, which were specifically designed to place construction firmly in the vanguard of the nation’s economic recovery.

However, government investment alone will not enable the construction industry to thrive. The repercussions of the last year have created greater focus on the role of innovation and product development, as professionals increasingly require new and enhanced building components that streamline the specification, installation and maintenance stages, without compromising on quality, compliance or aesthetics.

This has led to the design and manufacture of a new generation of building products that  reimagine traditional building practices to create new ways of working that increase on site efficiencies and reduce associated cost and resource implications, whilst also providing the highest possible standards in certification and safety.

In order to successfully achieve this, manufacturers have had to re-assess established installation methods to identify how building components can be reimagined to support professionals in working smarter and quicker when on site. However, these products must also enhance the proficiency of the specification stages by being supported by essential certification and accreditation documentation to evidence compliance with relevant regulations.

As part of this, it is critical that the products are installed into an approved construction in a method consistent with the sample originally tested. For example, with regard to doorsets, the installation process potentially poses a number of risks to the overall fire integrity of a wall construction through variables such as the packer type and intumescent mastic bead application.

Profab Access

To overcome this potential gap in compliance, professionals should look to work with manufacturers that are taking this commitment to third party testing and certification even further through latest advancements in technology and product design, which are providing a revolutionary approach to the installation and maintenance processes.

For example, Profab Access has identified an opportunity to reduce the level of components required to not only shorten fitting times, but provide the highest possible standards of fire integrity to futureproof a development against potential legislative changes. Its INTEGRA 4000 Series Riser Doors are now supplied with an expertly engineered PRECISION adjustable frame, which completely transforms the installation process for construction professionals and  streamlines the specification process for architects and specifiers.

The unique construction of the patented PRECISION adjustable frame, which enables the frame to be fully adjusted to meet the specific dimensions of each structural opening,  also includes an integral intumescent strip to provide fire stopping between the wall and frame. This not only eliminates the requirement of packers and the reliance of the correct thickness of intumescent mastic bead, but most importantly ensures the compliance and adequacy of the entire installation, as its fire integrity performance has been sufficiently documented by an independent assessor.

As a result, this also subsequently increases the efficiencies of installation and removes any potential margins for error, whilst also providing a complete trail of due diligence with both current and future requirements as the frame has undergone rigorous CERTIFIRE third party testing and certification provided by Warrington Fire as part of the entire doorset.

Throughout 2022, the entire sector, from building products manufacturers, right through to specifiers and contractors, must continuously challenge themselves to review existing building practices to support successful innovation and collaboration, in order to drive the industry forward and set the economy on a stable footing in the years ahead.

For further information on Profab Access and its range of riser doors, access panels, and steel doors, call +44(0)1827 719051 or visit www.profabaccess.com.

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