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Welcome to Silvertown

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Benoy has announced its involvement in the regeneration of Silvertown in East London. As global leaders in design, Benoy has been appointed to the iconic Silvertown development to help build up and drive further economic investment to the area. The ambition is for Silvertown to once more become a thriving, economic centre, but this time for new technology and the creative industries. It is destined to become an aspiring and attainable place to live, work and play. Benoy is advising the Silvertown Partnership on the development of their Architectural Brand Strategy; a crucial component in generating the high level of commercial interest for which this major venture is aiming to attract. Working alongside the developer, Benoy is devising a plan, which will entice globally celebrated brands to an enterprising and exciting environment, uniting civic, cultural and commercial components. Increasingly, Benoy is expanding its repertoire of services to meet and indeed pre-empt the diverse demands and growing expectations of its discerning client base around the world.





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