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Fibrelite’s Rapid Sales Growth in Utilities Sector


2012 saw rapid sales growth in the utilities sector for UK based manufacturer Fibrelite. ?Since the beginning of 2012 we experienced a huge increase in new enquiries from companies in the utilities, public and general industrial sectors for our lightweight access covers. In these areas we experienced a 117% increase in sales over 2011,?? reports Ian Thompson, Managing Director.


This increased demand is mainly due to the numerous health and safety benefits of GRP composite over the heavier alternatives (namely metal and concrete) as well as the metal theft epidemic (composites have no re-sale value to the scrap market therefore aren??t stolen to be sold on). A secondary problem with stolen metal covers is the dangerous holes in the ground that the thieves leave behind.


Industries are favouring composites and moving away from traditional materials as they react to strict health and safety policies and are becoming more concerned with whole life cost. ?Our enquiries are coming in thick and fast, from water and water treatment plants, gas, power stations, transport and telecoms and we are developing strong relationships with local authorities and councils. We now feature a wide range of Case Studies on our website as an easy way to show the many applications and benefits of using composite access covers,?? says Ian Thompson.


In response to demand, Fibrelite has recently invested in the following Product Developments


?? Shallow trench panel range developed in A15 & B125 load ratings. Previously 117mm depth, now 50mm resulting in a large reduction in cost and weight. Fibrelite has successfully adapted the existing manufacturing process to utilise recycled glass fibres reducing waste and carbon emissions.

?? New restraining methods designed to combat risks associated with flooding.

?? New, simple and cost effective lock currently at design stage.

?? Various bespoke GRP chambers designed for electrical drawpits, remediation wells and valve chambers.


For more information: www.fibrelite.com





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