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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Fuse Architects become a Carbon Neutral Plus organisation

Fuse Architects are one of a handful of practices to be a Carbon Neutral Plus organisation.

Following their work delivering Net Zero Carbon affordable homes, Fuse have now taken the step to ensure their business is also addressing the climate change crisis.

Fuse Architects signed the 2030 RIBA Climate Challenge so decided to see if there was anything they could do to improve their own footprint.

Following these initiatives, Fuse worked with Carbon Footprint to assess their carbon output and reduce it where possible, with the remainder being offset through a number of community projects. These projects include providing fuel efficient stoves in North Darfur and Malawi.

Dave Hughes, equity partner and Design Director, says: “Over the last couple of years, we have been quietly and steadily developing our Net Zero Carbon experience and delivering new build NZC housing. We are also starting to deliver retrofit NZC to existing affordable housing stock. With this in mind, we decided to look at our own footprint and our own impact and so are super excited to announce we are now a Carbon Neutral Plus Organisation.

It was a fascinating exercise to review how much carbon we generate and where we generate it – transportation methods for commuting, to site and to meetings; office heating and cooling; office lighting and amount and type of hybrid working we do.

After reducing our Carbon footprint as far as we could we decided we wanted to go beyond being just zero carbon, so we decided to offset an additional 25% of our carbon usage to become Carbon Neutral Plus.”



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