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How COVID-19 is turbo-charging the move to new working practices and the well-being economy at work

Sustainability and well-being are now significant factors in all our lives. From Biophilia to new ventilation systems, this pivotal shift has undeniably affected our relationship with our working environments.


Similarly, we’ve discovered new ways of working, moving towards more collaborative outputs that spark creativity and out of the box thinking. This brings to the forefront the importance of designing workplaces that accommodate new working practices in sustainable structures within a well-being environment.


Key organisations have contributed to a recent whitepaper on this subject, this includes; the International WELL Building Institute, Hok, GBCI Europe, US Green Building Council and Arc Skoru, Fort Digital, MBA Consultancy. Led by IamNetwork and supported by Built for Marketing and SAS International.


‘How covid is turbocharging the move to new working practices and the well-being economy in the workspace environment’ is a collaboration between true thought leaders and influential organisations within the construction industry. It states that the obstacles faced during the pandemic have been the catalyst for change whilst reflecting on the future of workspaces.


To read the full whitepaper, head to the Built for Marketing website and explore how each stage of the pandemic impacted this change: www.builtformarketing.co.uk/blog/iamnetwork-whitepaper

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