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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Marketplace at 22 Bishopsgate

The Morris Project in partnership with DesignLSM has unveiled 22 Bishopsgate’s Market, managed by Rhubarb Hospitality Collection.

This is an inspirational market spanning the entire second floor (20,000 ft) of the UK’s first wellbeing building, 22 Bishopsgate is designed to be a vertical village focused on the modern office worker and their evolving needs. Sustainability, wellbeing and community will be at its heart.

Commissioned by AXA IM and Sir Stuart Lipton for the Capital’s most eagerly anticipated new 62 storey building, The Market, is Europe’s first ever wellness food hall. The design team’s aim was to emulate London’s tradition of the guilds, of which there were once 90, whose purpose was to provide welfare to their members, and a place to gather and share ideas.

The Restaurant & Terrace provides a welcoming “local” for meetings and gatherings; The Terrace has its own bar and relaxed seating. The Market includes four kiosks which will offer a variety of nutritious & delicious options and highlight a diverse group of future tastemakers. The Market Hub Events Space will support dynamic programming of music, talks and private events.

Floor-to-ceiling walls at 20% taller than in a market-standard building, give a sense of volume and space to increase wellbeing of residents. Innovative technology creating convenience for residents who want their coffee ready to pick-up on arrival, or lunch delivered to their desk. This is also the first building in the UK to apply for the WELL Building Standard.

Amy Morris, Founder of the Morris Project said, “Our number one goal was to design a space that is a hive for collaboration. Providing support for balance and wellbeing in business and daily life. I believe whole heartedly in 22 Bishopsgate’s vision to radically embrace a new environment for the way we work. Your surroundings have a strong impact on your day. The Morris Project’s partnership with DesignLSM aims to create spaces that invite collaboration and spark ideas. It’s a dream project with a dream team in one of my favourite cities.” 

Holly Hallam, Managing Director, DesignLSM said; “We are thrilled to be a part of this monumental and exciting development of 22 Bishopsgate. Our collaborative design with US agency The Morris Project delivers a highly polished and thoughtful aesthetic capturing the spirit of a modern-day guild.”

Karen Taylor, Design Director, DesignLSM adds: “Our aim was to create a true “sense of place”reflecting the heritage of the locality with a contemporary outlook. Perfect for 22 Bishopsgate community to unwind, dine, relax and socialise.”


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