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Colour with purpose from dp-specialist

The dp-specialist range of surface finishes from Decorative Panels is extensive.

The dp-specialist range from Decorative Panels Lamination includes Senoplast high gloss, matt acrylic unicolour designs as well as Senoplast TopX high performance scratch resistant acrylic surfaces. There is a colour for every design need. A PUR Hot Melt is used by the West Yorkshire based company to laminate Senoplast acrylic to achieve the perfect finish. Available in surface thickness of 0.7mm – 1.0mm all supplied laminated with a protective film.

Serica is the ultimate premium finish from the dp-specialist range. This robust PVC is silky smooth to touch and adds a luxurious super matt statement when laminated to MDF or dp-lite hollowcore board. Serica surfaces have anti-scratch properties but in case micro-scratches do occur, the surface can be easily repaired with thermal heating. A simple iron can be used to renovate the surface and give it a new life. Complimenting the Senoplast and Serica offer are a huge selection of Polypropylene foils – the ideal product for those that require a fully recyclable solution. A cost effective way to fulfil the need for high gloss finishes for any market with a smooth high quality laminated finish.

Ultra Gloss PET offers the ultimate in durability with excellent scratch and wear resistant properties. Designs are stocked with others available to order, subject to minimum order criteria, all supplied laminated with a protective film.

Premium gloss PVC unicolours are available in an array of shades. Working in combination with colour, emboss and gloss level, products can be created that appeal to the consumers desire to see clean, modern and uncluttered living spaces.
LG premium high gloss PVC offer a durable and hardwearing finish and are available in a wide range of colour.

Multi purpose PP stipple is a range of textured unicolours for use as a balancing material but equally suitable for fascia applications in many environments.

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