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Quooker’s innovative concept of a boiling water tap has grown into a kitchen essential for millions of households

Quooker’s Flex collection offers both form and function, equipped with a flexible pull-out hose for hot, cold and filtered water.

The Flex makes it easy to reach and rinse the sink or any awkward kitchen objects. Thanks to its in-built safety stop, the Flex can never dispense boiling water when the hose is extended, protecting the user at all times.

Thanks to the new CUBE accessory, the Flex now dispenses chilled and sparkling water at the touch of a button. Saving you time and space, with CUBE the immediacy of super chilled and filtered water can be enjoyed without having to wait or waste water. Furthermore, one canister of C02 yields 60 litres of carbonated water, which significantly reduces the need for single-use plastic bottles. The average UK household uses a staggering 360 plastic bottles per year, resulting in huge volumes of waste nationwide. With sustainability increasingly at the forefront of consumer purchase decisions, it has never been more important to find creative solutions around the problem of waste.

Determined to find a solution for carbonated water, dispensing precisely the amount needed at any given moment, and with canisters that can be returned and re-filled after use, CUBE ensures responsible and more sustainable consumption. CUBE can be attached to any Quooker tap in the range.

The Flex tap and under-sink tank are made from Stainless Steel rather than plastic or copper, ensuring there are no material pores to harbour dirt. Making it virtually impossible for bacteria to gain a foothold, the Quooker Flex goes beyond elegant design and ease of use, becoming one of the most hygienic appliances in the kitchen. With a durable PVD coating, the new Matt Black finish introduces a modern alternative to the range, perfectly emphasising Flex’s contemporary silhouette.

All Quooker taps continue to use very little electricity and give staggering energy saving results; thanks to its sophisticated state-of-the-art tank technology, it takes very little energy (just 10 watts) to keep the water in the tank at 110°C. Water only starts to boil when the tap is turned on and the temperature of the outflowing water drops to 100°C. While the water is coming out of the tap, fresh water immediately flows into the tank to replace the exact amount extracted ready for the next use.

With unparalleled functionality, intuitive and seamless water mode transitions and in-built safety mechanisms, which prevent turning on the boiling water by accident, Quooker delivers the tap that does it all.


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