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Reynaers reduces noise ingress with introduction of MasterLine 8 SoftTone®

Reynaers, the leading supplier of aluminium solutions, has launched MasterLine 8 SoftTone® – a parallel opening window which supports natural cooling and ventilation in urban environments, while innovatively filtering out noise to deliver comfortable spaces for occupants.

By 2050, 68% of the world’s population is expected to live in bustling urban areas, increasing the need for living and working spaces which are both sustainable and comfortable. As outlined in the Acoustic, Ventilation and Overheating (AVO) Guide, achieving these desired results is reliant on innovative architectural solutions which aid the management of noise.

MasterLine 8 SoftTone®

With the inclusion of SoftTone, indoor sound levels can be reduced by 9 decibels when compared to a traditional open window, decreasing external noise to create more comfortable spaces. To achieve this, the window uses a carefully designed interface between the frame and sash which includes sound absorption foam, together with a parallel opening system. This reduces noise while improving natural ventilation, with 0.6 square metres of ventilation gap provided in a typical 2m x 1m window.

In practice, the system allows occupants to open their windows for effective natural ventilation, without having to suffer excessive noise from the urban environment. This enhances comfort while reducing reliance on mechanical ventilation, improving sustainability.

“Alongside sustainability, rapid urbanisation is one of the most influential trends shaping our industry right now. And while this shift reflects the demands of modern lifestyles, it also presents a series of challenges for the construction industry.

Ensuring residential and office buildings provide comfortable and practical environments is one of those challenges, which is why building products that help to limit the impact of typically noisy environments are key. Together with Arup, we’re proud to have developed an innovative and sustainable solution which does just that.”

John McComb, Technical Director at Reynaers

As a parallel opening window, MasterLine 8 SoftTone® delivers a larger open area per m2 than traditional opening windows. Coupled with SoftTone, acoustic performance is significantly increased, providing an architectural solution fit for the future.

With the inclusion of SoftTone, indoor sound levels can be reduced by 9 decibels

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