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The Grand Boutique Resort

Multidisciplinary architecture and brand development agency GeoID were responsible for bringing to life Turkey’s “Grand Boutique Resort”, the Maxx Royal Kemer Resort. Located on the beaches on Antalya at the foothills of the Taurus Mountains, the resort??s unique design concept was strongly influenced by the four elements of the universe.

MaxxRoyalKemer Image1

GeoID used this source of inspiration to create a group of 24 motifs exclusively for the project. In hues of Azure, Bronze, Emerald and Tangerine, these inspirational designs signify Water, Earth, Air and Fire. These patterns can be seen repeated throughout the hotel in diverse forms, from wallpaper to bed sheets, in staff uniforms and restaurant menus, and are symbolic of the fundamental components of the cosmos.

MaxxRoyalKemer Image2The resort fits in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, where the picturesque Taurus Mountains meet the Mediterranean Sea. GeoID??s major design objective was to make the Maxx Royal Kemer experience an incomparable one. Even the logo stands as a tribute to the Ibexes, a breed of wild mountain goat that inhabits the natural surroundings, and which are often spotted roaming amongst the scenery, giving the guests a close interactive experience with nature.

MaxxRoyalKemer Image3

Guests of the resort can choose from an extensive selection of magnificent suites. Each one measures 105 m² in size and possesses a smart suite control system, allowing guests to have complete control over the variables of their room, even from a distance. GeoID have adeptly brought a vision created on paper to life with seamless functionality and exceptional style.






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