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Febset 45 is back

Made to the original Feb formula, FebSET 45 ?? the market leading magnesia phosphate high strength repair mortar – is back on the market and is even better than ever!

Everbuild Building Products Ltd, the UK and Ireland??s largest independent manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and building chemicals, acquired the Feb brand in 2009 and have seen it grow from strength to strength whilst still ensuring that they uphold the traditional Feb values that customers have long since known, used and trusted.

FebSET 45 is a specially formulated repair mortar based on magnesia-phosphate cement pre-mixed with selected aggregates which gives controlled, extremely high early strengths in temperatures ranging from -30C (or lower) up to over 30C. FebSET45 is ideal for use to repair damaged surfaces which are susceptible to heavy traffic where a minimum delay to work disruption is of the utmost importance. Typical areas of use include; cold store floor areas, roads and nosing??s, bridge decks, quays, crane rails, industrial floor areas, loading bays, warehouses and around fixing bolts. FebSET 45 can also be used to raise and level manhole covers, gratings and hydrants.

FebSET 45 can be modified with 10mm aggregate for use in depth over 150mm. It is also suitable for use as a repair medium at low ambient temperatures and it can be applied in sub-zero temperatures as low as -30C with excellent resistance to de-icing salts. When FebSET45 is added to gauging water and mixed, an exothermic chemical reaction commences and, within 15 minutes (at 20C), a chemical setting process takes place. This means that the material hardens to give a sufficiently high early strength which can accommodate heavy traffic within less than one hour.

On large scale applications productivity is key so the less time spent on repairs the better. FebSET 45 provides a minimum delay to traffic and production as it permits early re-opening to traffic and other similar uses after typically around 45 minutes. FebSET 45 also has a great bond strength needing no secondary bonding agents in its application.

What really sets FebSET45 apart is its extremely high early strength, making it a must have product for quick and seamless concrete repair, increasing productivity and causing minimum disruption to jobs while ensuring surfaces are restored as quickly and safely as possible and to the standard of quality users have come to expect from the Feb brand.

For more information on FebSET45 please contact your local Everbuild sales representative or call our dedicated specialist team on 0113 200 9456 or visit the Feb website on www.feb.uk.com





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