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Give your home a boost

When it comes to solving the problem of low water pressure, Salamander??s brand-new Home Boost changes everything!


Low water pressure is a daily source of irritation and inconvenience to millions of people in the UK. The good news is that now, for the first time, an affordable solution to the problem is available. Salamander??s Home Boost is not only inexpensive, it??s also easy to install: it??s compact, quiet and ?? most importantly ?? it??s fully compliant with UK water regulations.


As all plumbers and heating installers will know, it??s an offence, under The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999??, to connect a pump or a booster drawing more than 12litres per minute to a supply pipe; either directly or indirectly. Home Boost leaps this hurdle, thanks to an integral microchip that ensures that the 12litre legal limit cannot be breached via the pump. The new Home Boost is an intelligent pump; the software built into the unit will recognise that if the mains pressure and flow increases it will automatically reduce its assistance to the incoming mains.


It??s a breathtakingly simple solution to a problem that continues to plague possibly tens of thousands of UK homes. Google Analytics reveals, for instance, that the number of searches every month made by UK residents looking for ??low mains water pressure?? advice and information runs into the 1000??s. Until now, the problem for many has been that the ??traditional?? low water pressure solution, such as involving the installation of a cold water cistern, (or header tank as it is more commonly known), was both too costly and too inconvenient (largely because of space constraints in households) an exercise even to consider. Home Boost changes all that.


?Water pressure and water flow issues are common all over the country but in many conurbations the problems are acute,?? Salamander sales director Chris Vallance says. ?In Edinburgh for instance, water pressure can be so low that it??s not even possible to install mains pressure fed boilers, be they unvented systems or combination boilers. Home Boost is a revolutionary solution because it applies leading edge micro-technology to an old, old problem; allowing plumbers to offer their customers a brand-new low water pressure solution that is quick, efficient and comparatively inexpensive. It is a small and compact unit which can fit under the kitchen sink after the stopcock, with a simple three-quarter inch thread on the inlet and outlet of the unit, and the electrical connection using an ordinary plug.??


Painstaking research, conducted during almost three years of product development, convinced Salamander??s senior management of Home Boost??s capacity to attract to market a new sector of homeowners, for whom the relatively high cost of the tank installation alternative was prohibitive, forcing them to ??grin and bear it?? when it comes to poor water pressure and flow.

?There??s no need for the public to ??grin and bear it?? any longer,?? Chris says. ?That??s why we genuinely believe we??ve created a unique opportunity for entrepreneurial plumbers to get out into the community and convert an old problem into profitable new business opportunity.??


Chris describes the trade??s reaction to Salamander Home Boost as ?astonishing and very gratifying.?? The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering, (CIPHE), is the professional body for the UK plumbing and heating industry, and its operations manager, Danny Davis, believes that Home Boost presents the UK plumbing industry with an opportunity. ?There are over a million combi-boilers installed each year, and for many installations poor flow can be a problem. A common solution is to replace the incoming mains water supply, which can be laborious and can be cost prohibitive,?? he says.


?I can envisage Salamander Home Boost providing a much simpler solution for home owners, those living in smaller houses and especially those living in flats, where space is limited and the replacement of a mains water supply could be very difficult. For such installations, Home Boost is clever, compliant and simple to install??, Danny said. ??It??s encouraging to know that professional installers will be able to provide another solution to poor water flow issues, one that is compliant with the water regulations and will help customers to reach the potential of their appliances, where other solutions may not be practical.??


?We??re launching Home Boost to the marketplace at a time when people are choosing to improve their homes rather than move,?? Chris Vallance says. ?If poor mains flow of water and pressure??s been a problem for them, they don??t have to ??grin and bear it?? any longer, there is now a simple and affordable solution for installers and householders alike. That??s the reason we??re so excited about the potential of Home Boost.??


Having had a presentation on the new Home Boost product from Salamander, Plumb Center, one of the UK??s leading plumbers merchants, with a branch network of over 500 branches, supported by an impressive feeder system to support the branches, immediately got behind Salamander and Home Boost. They have committed to supporting the new product with stock in both feeder and their branch network; the product will be available in Plumb Center branches nationwide from the August 1st.


As part of the launch campaign, Salamander have invested in a demonstration van, that will be touring the UK from August onwards, you can track its whereabouts in the UK if you want to see the product working and get a chance to speak to Salamander directly by visiting www.salamanderpumps.co.uk. Plumb Center branches will be playing host to the van throughout August, September and October. Alternatively you can watch a video showing the products in action online here.


For more information telephone 0191 516 2002, visit www.home-boost.co.uk, or www.salamanderpumps.co.uk






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