• Helifix Micro-piles

    Helifix Micro-piles

    Investigative work for a single storey workshop extension recently revealed that load bearing depth and soil composition varied across the whole area of the proposed site. These observations and the need for economical and reliable foundations to be installed quickly, whilst causing minimal disruption, resulted in the specification of Helifix Micro-piles as the solution. Not

  • Find Zen with Woven Image

    Find Zen with Woven Image

    Woven Image introduces Zen, a beautifully tactile three-dimensional acoustic wall panel as part of the Tangible Alignments collection, referencing textural vertical surfaces. An innovation in non-woven wall panelling, Zen is specially designed to provide a floor to ceiling acoustic solution for commercial office interiors. Suitable for standard direct fix wall applications as well as functional

  • From brick to tile with Imperial Bricks

    From brick to tile with Imperial Bricks

    Imperial Bricks’ stunning feature-wall Brick Tiles can now be seen in their full glory on www.imperialbricktiles.co.uk. The unique range, launched in November last year, allows architects and specifiers to create feature walls in residential and commercial projects, adding a contemporary edge to their designs. A handy coverage calculator, installation instructions, and an FAQ section make

  • Maximum acoustics from Triplaco

    Maximum acoustics from Triplaco

    For the new MINI showroom, Dejonckheere, Roeselare, architecture firm Buro II & ARCHI+I selected Print Acoustics, a division of Triplaco, to provide its Dr panels for their ability to coordinate with the architectural scheme inside. Triplaco is specialised in the development, production and delivery of acoustical timber panels for wall, ceiling, furniture and objects. The

  • Quooker delivers

    Quooker delivers

    Delivering instant 100°c building, hot, cold and now filtered, chilled and sparkling water, the Quooker is not just a revolution, it’s a revelation. Remember when mixer taps in the kitchen were first all the rage? Separate hot and cold suddenly seemed so out of date? Not only did mixer taps enable you to control the

  • Avondzon opts for dynamic Halio insulating glass units

    Avondzon opts for dynamic Halio insulating glass units

    Avondzon, a renowned Belgian geriatric care facility in Erpe-Mere has opted for dynamic Halio insulating glass units. A total of 132 windows make up a glass roof that, at 304m2, connects the old wing, built in 1978, with the new one completed in 2019. The first experiences with the glass roof are all positive. Avondzon

  • Shades of Spring from Vasco

    Shades of Spring from Vasco

    Noble is the latest collection of colours to come from the design team at Vasco, presenting tonal shades for Spring 2020. Vasco will be introducing six new ‘Noble’ colours across all its designer radiator collections during Spring 2020.  Enhancing an already impressive palette the new ‘Noble’ colours introduce three metallic shades in bronze, gold and

  • Get to work with Agua Fabrics

    Get to work with Agua Fabrics

    Having established its reputation as a leading supplier of high quality performance fabrics addressing the precise needs of challenging environments, Agua has broken new ground. Its latest development, the launch of the @Work by Agua upholstery line, is the fruit of over two years development and the first time that Agua has brought its technical

  • Schöck reinforcement

    Schöck reinforcement

    Alphadock is the latest addition to the Schöck portfolio of products that aims to reduce thermal bridges in the architectural build phase. The Alphadock is an innovative new addition to the Schöck range of solutions for minimising thermal bridges in building structures.    This new product thermally insulates connections for reinforced concrete walls and columns, providing