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Friday, August 12, 2022

ROCKWOOL® launches NyRock® technology to create lowest lambda stone wool in the UK

Changes to building regulations and an increased focus on sustainability are placing greater pressure on the construction industry to deliver more thermally efficient buildings while preserving standards of fire and acoustic performance. In response to these evolving requirements, ROCKWOOL has launched NyRock technology, an evolution in stone wool composition that delivers the lowest lambda stone wool insulation currently available in the UK.

Innovatively manufactured using a new patented production process, this next-generation stone wool insulation has a more efficient fibre structure that can deliver thermal conductivity as low as 0.032 W/mK. Critically, this means that U-values can be met with comparatively thinner constructions, which in the case of external wall applications, creates the potential for additional interior floor space over a given building footprint.

Alongside its improved thermal efficiency, NyRock technology still delivers all the additional benefits of stone wool insulation. This includes acoustic absorption, dimensional stability that helps to deliver consistent thermal performance over decades, as well as the ability to be recycled indefinitely. Stone wool is manufactured from naturally occurring volcanic rock that is abundant in supply as it is continually replenished by the earth’s crust.

It is this same volcanic rock that gives stone wool its innate non-combustibility, meaning that ROCKWOOL stone wool solutions powered by NyRock technology achieve Euroclass A1 – the highest possible rating. They can also withstand temperatures in excess of 1000°C.

NyRock technology will be rolled out across a range of ROCKWOOL insulation solutions during 2022.

“Our new products featuring NyRock technology will be significant for the construction industry, giving specifiers and building owners a true solution to the rapidly evolving needs of the built environment and its biggest challenges whether thermal, fire, acoustics or environmental,” said Paul Barrett, Head of Product Management at ROCKWOOL UK. “To limit the impact of climate change and support the delivery of net zero carbon in the UK by 2050, it’s the responsibility of manufacturers like ourselves to go further, re-inventing and improving on existing solutions. NyRock technology does just that.

“While stone wool insulation is already known for its proven benefits such as longevity, ease of install, circularity, and non-combustibility that is crucial for protecting people and properties, our patented technology builds on these advantages further.

“Whether building professionals need a solution to the lower U-values of England’s new Approved Document L that also maximises floor space, or a non-combustible option for a high-rise property with enhanced thermal and acoustic performance, NyRock technology’s industry-leading lambda value for stone wool and ability to reduce the thickness of a construction element support those requirements.”

To register for updates on the launch of products featuring NyRock technology, visit rockwool.com/uk/nyrock.


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