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Room launches world’s first construction-free design studio

Studio by ROOM offers a full suite of design services. To help businesses create and achieve a better way of hybrid working.

Wednesday 1st June: ROOM, creators of workplace modular architecture, has today launched the world’s first construction-free design studio to support companies and commercial landlords in their return-to-office strategies. Studio by ROOM leverages modular architecture and thoughtful design to create dynamic, flexible office layouts without the need for slow, expensive and permanent construction.

Meeting Focus Room
Meeting Focus Room
A modern workspace design solution, Studio offers a full suite of services. To help create and achieve an improved way of working for businesses and its workforce. As the change back to the office continues within the hybrid working approach. Equally the services also cater to commercial landlords. While demand for short-term leases grows. Which means flexible floor plan solutions are essential. This is to meet the changing needs of new tenants.
Whether the ask is to optimise an existing space, redesign it, or build a brand new workspace. Studio offers a very smooth end-to-end solution. That blends strategy, modular design and delivery in one place. Helping to create a dynamic, adaptable office layout for an array of work types and styles. With a range of services from modular product placement over existing floor plans. Plus full workspace design. Studio provides customers with a one-stop-design shop for a better workplace.
Room Office 1
Room Office 1

Business goals and employee wellbeing

From understanding the business goals, content and property limits. On top of culture and employee wellbeing. A thorough research phase supports the planning of each space. Studio’s in-house team work creatively and efficiently. To make sure that every office is designed with not only a focus on aesthetics. But around the human experience to fuel innovation, productivity and cultural bonds.

“As a new and world-first service. Studio empowers companies with an effective solution. To set the stage for meaningful work experiences. Through adaptive architecture and specially made, flexible design.” says Alejandra Albarran, ROOM’s Vice President of Workspace Strategy and Design. “This launch offers a simple, hassle-free service. For redesigning workspaces in the age of hybrid working. We want to make it as easy as possible for employers, and commercial landlords. As well as flexible office providers, designers, and architects. To create a place where teams enjoy coming into the office and work effectively while there.”
Room Office 2
Room Office 2
Creating flexible workspaces so they are adapted to the needs of an office that can be changed in days. ROOM can further check space utilisation. Plus updating a space by leveraging its proprietary technology. The flexibility and monitoring offers the ability to design for change. On top of rebuilding when the time comes in the ever-changing future.
Studio by ROOM launched on June 1st. For more information on the design services on offer visit uk.room.com/pages/room-studio.

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