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Campaign Calls To Support Women’s Work

The Part W collective are a group of women working in architecture, design, infrastructure and construction that are committed to challenging systems that disadvantage women.

With their current campaign, Women’s Work, they are inviting suggestions for built projects where a woman or women have played a pivotal role, to create a printed Women’s Work: London map.

The campaign is calling for people to suggest projects for the map via THIS LINK on their website or via social media, where you can posting an image of your suggested project, briefly explaining the woman/women behind it and tagging @PartWCollective with #WomensWork. This pilot map expands on work Part W have begun and they are seeking to spread this study of projects around the UK and beyond.

To fund this project, Part W are are seeking to raise £4,500 via donations from individuals, organisations and companies who promote and value women in the built environment sector. The funding will cover project costs, graphic design work, the production of printed maps and contribute to work enabling them to send resources to London schools prioritising where the need is greatest. If the target is met, additional funds will support core costs of Part W’s wider campaign work.

Donations for the Women’s Work: London map project can be made HERE.

For more details on this campaign and the wider valuable work that Part W do, please visit www.part-w.com.

Rebekah Killigrew
Rebekah Killigrewhttp://www.rebekahkilligrew.com
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