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Poesia, A Glass of Their Own

Poesia Glass Studio create beautiful artisan glass products and are globally renowned for their glass bricks.

Here they discuss the details of their exquisite glass brick façade featured in the Southworks project by SPPARC architects, and how they work with architects and designers to support them in realising their designs.

The entrance façade on the Southworks project is a stand-out design feature – can you tell us about the style of glass brick that was utilised here?

Southworks is a project we are very proud of; the Glass Bricks were all individually cast from specific moulds that Poesia created to follow the geometry of the curved and straight roman bricks. They were handmade and designed to a very accurate tolerance so that the horizontal joint of 4mm finished exactly at the half way point of the horizontal masonry joints which were circa 10/12mm. The installation was very accurate and only gained a few mm of creep over the entire height. They were cast in low iron glass with a mottled surface texture and then around a third were hand polished on the long-side edge to offer vision panels and reflection points when the sun hits the Glass Brick feature.

How do you support architects and designers when collaborating on projects?

As a company we want to understand the vision for the end goal, it’s not just about the glass making, we aspire to take people through the journey of what the process is. Its a case of working with various parties at the table to balance the vision and creativity, with the visual aesthetic and realisation, plus understanding the production process and time, combined with the engineering and budget. On the Southworks project, it was a combination of Middlecap having the desire, SPPARC having the vision, and the contractor, HG Construction, realising that the glass brick façade was a specialist feature – so it was a good solid collaboration that made this particular project the success that can be experienced from the finished visuals.

Can you tell us a bit about the history of the Poesia brand?

Poesia was originally established as a Glass Bricks producer in early 2001 and then with the success of the Crystal Houses in Amsterdam an alteration to the commercial structure saw Poesia offering full turn key solutions and more large scale and demanding projects being focused on around the world. As well as Glass Bricks, Poesia offers all manner of Cast Glass production capabilities for interior and exterior application, not just restricted to a Brick shape or module. As opposed to a catalogue or just browsing the website, Poesia likes to offer a full face to face experience with its clients, Architects, Designers and Contractors, to fully show our array of services ad how we create a unique vision a reality from concept through to completion.

Where do you find design inspiration for your products?

We draw inspiration from everything in design, fashion and nature; Poesia does not see limitations in production, so we encourage out of the box thinking. Our teams expertise is mould creation and how to make cast flow from 1500 degrees into a mould structure, and then cool it; we always keep he end goal in mind, considering what size a structure should be, the tolerances, and how it will actually be installed. We don’t see limitations, and this is the biggest thing that we like to convey to Architects and Designers that want to partner with Poesia.

What are you working on next? 

We have recently completed a Jewish Holocaust Centre in Melbourne, a Jordan Store for Nike in Dubai, and a custom project for a large US cooperation in New York where each glass structure weighed in excess of 26 kilos. We are currently 55% of the way through the largest Cast Glass Facade in the world and it will be fully unveiled in later part of 2022.

www.poesiaglass.studio | IG: @poesiaglass



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