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Using carbon dioxide waste in Carbonamine coatings

Innovative new coatings use waste carbon dioxide (CO2) to combine sustainability and performance

Carbonamine – unique coatings made with new patented technology combining the durability of polyurea/polyaspartic with an ingredient made from waste carbon dioxide – is now available in a range of types.

This novel technology allows the inclusion of up to 18% of waste carbon dioxide, reducing CO2 discharge to the atmosphere.

Products include concrete primers, hard wearing floor coatings, general purpose coatings for steel, non-ferrous metals including aluminium, swimming pool and potable water coatings.

Carbonamine’s performance characteristics include excellent durability, flexibility and abrasion resistance. It can be applied to damp substrates, including concrete, wood and steel, without foaming.

The coating’s low-viscosity, solvent-free and virtually odorless formulation allows easy, comfortable application. Carbonamine is safe and non-flammable and requires only minimal PPE during application.

Other features include outstanding adhesion to various substrates, from aluminium and steel to concrete. Carbonamine is rapid curing, and will cure at low temperatures down to minus 5ºC, so subsequent coats can be applied in just a few hours. An extended pot life means that some formulas achieve a pot life several times longer than their over-coating times.

Carbonamine coatings are available from Xymertec Limited. For more information, visit www.carbonamine.com or email  richard@carbonamine.com


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