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The Heart of the Home

Kitchen designs are continually innovating to keep up with ever-changing lifestyles and personal tastes, and designers are rising to the challenge.

In this edit, we take a look at three different kitchens, each with their own unique appeal where thoughtful design is at the core.

The Artists Kitchen

The transformed kitchen of a Prague maisonette was inspired by a painting by Vladimír Houdek and designed by No Architects to give the piece of art a respectable living space. The bold bespoke kitchen design, built by CZ interiéry, makes a statement in the heart of this home with contrasting colours and edges that ooze a cool, modern and minimal sense of style. The lower unit cupboard doors have been colour-matched to the same blue from the painting that hangs in the space, and a closer look sees the unusually rough edges of the painting reflected in the wall unit cupboard doors. The elegant melancholy of this space is thematically referenced by the placement of the painting and the teardrop-shaped lights above the kitchen peninsula. It has been visually connected to a large waterfall painting that can be seen on a block of flats through the living room window, designed by Patrik Hábl.

www.noarchitects.cz | www.czinteriery.eu | Photography by www.studioflusser.com

The Atelier Kitchen

Just a stone’s throw from the famous church of Sacre-Coeur, in the ‘painter’s quarter’, one of the most charming and picturesque in Paris, a private residence houses a generously sized Atelier kitchen, a bespoke kitchen design by Abimis in collaboration with the architect Federico Masotto, whose overall approach to the interior design was aimed at meeting the aesthetic and functional needs of the owner, a keen art enthusiast and cook. A covered terrace extending out over the private garden lends the space character and originality. This architectural quirk offers greater visual freedom, blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor, and brings even more light to the work surface. The elegant layout of the made-to-measure kitchen seamlessly integrates into the surrounding space and perfectly blends functionality and quality, delivering on efficiency, materials, style and design.

www.abimis.com | www.federicomasotto.com | Photography by Matteo Cirenei

The Future-Forward Kitchen

Inspired by the freestanding kitchens of professional chefs, the new Buster + Punch kitchen units have eye-catching countertops in stone or metal from edge-to-edge, with a unique corner radius that matches the extruded metal frame. The frame itself has precision-cast aluminium legs that rest on, adjustable, cross-knurled feet in brass or stainless steel, with B+P’s signature diamond-cut grooves. This modular, free-standing custom kitchen is configured online and crafted with the same precision and engineering as B+P’s signature objects in solid metal. This gives the kitchen a level of aesthetics and quality usually only found in custom-made furniture. What you get is a highly functional kitchen with a stand-alone design that is easily adapted to all future lifestyle changes – wherever you go, the kitchen follows.



Rebekah Killigrew
Rebekah Killigrewhttp://www.rebekahkilligrew.com
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