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House in Gdynia by IFA Architecture

A simple and unobtrusive house blends in with the existing surroundings, respecting the historical silhouette of the street as if it had always been there. The architecture practice responsible for this modern design, IFA Group, share the finer details.

It was a simple concept; this building has to harmoniously blend with the surrounding area. Minimalistic design. Simplicity and minimal detail are the hallmarks of this project.

The project located in Gdynia was created in the place of a previous house. It was created from scratch in modern technology, matching the character of the street, but it looks as if it has always been there. Investors wanted their house not to stand out from its surroundings. As if it were to say – I have been standing here forever, I am the same as others.

The house is located in the 2nd conservation protection zone of the seaside Orłowo area. The form, proportions, and colors of the house refer to the neighboring buildings. This is the architecture of the background.

What we can see from the outside is the color of the facade, integrated with the color of natural concrete – a slightly warm gray color. The architecture of the house is a minimalistic form, with hidden elements e.g. Gutters and pipes run in the insulation layer or a garage door fitted perfectly between the concrete retaining walls of the driveway. All this so that a smooth line can be drawn from one element to another, without unnecessary jumps.

The details of the building are to be minimal in reception, but underneath it requires the use of special technologies. All overhangs and external roofs are made as concrete slabs on thermal connectors, thanks to which the thickness of these elements can be as small as possible, because they do not need to be insulated. Their raw concrete character can be shown.

The interior is also finished in a minimalistic way with the rawness of reinforced concrete walls and ceilings is on display, and wooden floors bring warmth to the house. Ventilation was hidden in the floor of the first floor, so the ceiling on the ground floor is a bare concrete plane that extends to the terrace overlooking the garden.


Design Team: Kamil Domachowski, Maciej Busch, Karolina Wood, Adrianna Jemioł, Jakub Brzuchański, Igor Brożyna

Photography by Kroniki Studio   


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