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Antolini – Explosion Blue

Antolini’s Explosion Blue natural stone gives a sophisticated contemporary kitchen space a sense of elegance and style.

Elegant yet surprising, Explosion Blue natural stone gives interiors a unique sense of character and uses its seductive verve to enhance them even more.

The added value this material can offer is evident in a kitchen space entirely dominated by the timeless charm of Antolini Explosion Blue quartzite. Linear and stylish, the different elements stand out in the space, highlighting the marbling of the Explosion Blue quartzite in a range of colours that goes from light beige and sky blue-green to the darker and deeper veins of midnight blue.

In this space, a long kitchen worktop, which also becomes a table, outlines the space with simple elegance, almost marking a horizon through the natural stone pattern that highlights the horizontal nature of the element in the exhibition space.

Although made from the same material, the floor, kitchen counter and walls maintain their own individuality. This is thanks to the constantly changing unique motifs of Explosion Blue, and also to the masterly and skilful laying of the quartzite, either on horizontal or vertical courses, and to the open patterns that form natural abstract paintings of rare beauty.


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