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Innovative cladding combines the best in modified wood, timber engineering and surface protection

 The Finish Line Collection from James Latham is the result of an exclusive partnership between the firm and Accoya Timber, timber engineering company Dresser Mouldings and Canadian coating specialist Sansin. 

The manufacturing process sees the Accoya wood profiled, surface finished and coated by the team at Dresser Mouldings. This specialist process creates a key on the timber’s face, with tiny variations in texture allowing Sansin’s ultra-low VOC coating to penetrate beneath the surface of the timber. This helps to bind it to the cells and prevents peeling and cracking.   

The manufacturing process sees the Accoya wood profiled, surface finished and coated by the team at Dresser Mouldings.

 Accoya is well known for its durability due to the natural modification process (acetylation) that delivers performance to rival hardwoods. With a warranty of up to 50 years for exterior use, the product has been favoured for cladding for some time. However, this factory finished option takes its performance to the next level. 

 “By combining the highest quality timber, coatings and surface treatment technologies, the Finish Line cladding collection is built to last. One of the key features of the product is the way the surface is sanded and brushed.

It allows for much better penetration of Sansin’s water-borne system, which effectively waterproofs the timber in a breathable envelope.  This results in a factory finished wood profile that is better protected from the elements and will not peel and crack – perfect for a cladding product.” 

Richard Mosson, Group Cladding and Decking Manager at Lathams
This factory finished option takes its performance to the next level.

“We are pleased to partner with Lathams and Dresser Mouldings to bring this unique offering to the market.

This exclusive Finish Line Collection unveils a range of exciting colours for Accoya timber in a penetrating, breathable formula that lets the natural grain and beauty of the wood shine through.”

Sjoerd Bos, Managing Director, Sansin Corporation.

The Finish Line Collection is exclusive to Lathams, including the 12 unique colour options. These range from traditional wood finishes like the Summer Oak option to more contemporary finishes such as Slate Grey, Apricot and Charcoal.  

The way that it is manufactured also creates a bespoke final finish when it comes to the colour, with brushed or sanded alternatives available. These processes, teamed with the matt, thin-film finish of the coating, allow the distinctive grain pattern to show through, unlike heavy finishes that sit on the surface and mask the texture. The specialist finishing processes can even create a distinctive two-tone effect with some colour options. 

The Finish Line Collection also boasts environmentally friendly credentials.

It is the first product to be developed following Lathams acquisition of Dresser Mouldings in late 2019. 

“We were often working with Dresser Mouldings on bespoke projects and felt that there was more potential if we combined forces. Their reputation for innovation and quality made them a good fit for us. 

It’s great to be able to bring such an innovative range to market for our first collaboration, working with other global experts too.

And, because we manage the entire process, from guidance on specification, to manufacture, delivery and after sales service, we can offer our customers much more support and flexibility when it comes to their projects.” 

Richard Mosson, Group Cladding and Decking Manager at Lathams

The Finish Line Collection also boasts environmentally friendly credentials. It uses non-toxic products and processes within the manufacturing, materials are sourced from sustainable sources and it is hard-wearing, offering great longevity. And, at the end of its life, it can be fully recycled. 

Finish Line cladding is available as a standard 145mm width at 15mm thickness in LT AC01 and LT AC02 profiles.

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