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Storacall TeleAcoustics offers wall-mounted phone hoods

Open-plan offices are ubiquitous in workplaces today. While that has many benefits, there are also downsides, especially when it comes to privacy. Storacall TeleAcoustics offers a range to increase privacy. 
By focusing mobile phone use to an acoustic hood, users can speak with increased privacy, quiet and reduced distraction from surrounding noisy environments whilst at the same time not disturbing and irritating other people with the conversation.

Storacall TeleAcoustics offers a range of T700 wall-mounted phone hoods covered with premium New Zealand acoustic fabric with other high-end fabric finishes available. The colour palette is an exciting mix of solids and mélanges across the full colour spectrum that blend in with the interior design of hotels, restaurants, offices, cafeteria and other public spaces.

Retail prices start from £328. For further information please contact you can contact them via e-mail sales@teleacoustics.co.uk or visit their website www.teleacoustics.co.uk to see their full range of acoustic hoods and office booths.

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