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Quooker delivers

Delivering instant 100°c building, hot, cold and now filtered, chilled and sparkling water, the Quooker is not just a revolution, it’s a revelation.

Remember when mixer taps in the kitchen were first all the rage? Separate hot and cold suddenly seemed so out of date? Not only did mixer taps enable you to control the temperature of the water, they came in all sorts of fashionable designs. Since then nothing much has changed other than extendable hoses and a separate tap for filtered drinking water.

Now thanks to Quooker, the mixer tap has become the ‘must-have’ appliance. The Quooker delivers instant 100°C boiling water on demand making a kettle redundant. 

With a Quooker in your kitchen you will always have 100°C boiling, hot, cold and, with the addition of the new Quooker CUBE, filtered chilled and sparkling water too – all from a single tap. 

Safety first 

The first thing that springs to everyone’s mind when you think of boiling water is safety. So, it may surprise you to know that the kitchen kettle is actually the cause of so many accidents in the home. Over 570 severe burns are reported every year from a kettle being knocked over or spilled accidentally. 360 of those are incurred by children under the age of five pulling on the lead or reaching for the handle out of curiosity. With this in mind, Quooker has gone to great lengths to ensure its tap meets the highest safety standards. A specially designed childproof double push and turn handle and insulated spout is used to dispense boiling water, whilst a separate lever operates conventional hot and cold. These two completely independent controls mean there’s no mistaking their function. In addition, the flow of boiling water is delivered in a fine spray and not a solid flow,  which further prevents the risk of any scalds or burns. 

Patented technology 

What makes a Quooker really clever and sets it apart from any other system is actually hidden from view under the sink. The Quooker tap is connected to a specially designed compact tank that uses patented high-vacuum insulation to enable it to deliver instant 100°C boiling water on demand. If you choose to add the new Quooker CUBE you will also have the added convenience of filtered chilled and sparkling water – all from the same tap. The combined system will save you time, energy and water and reduce the use or need for plastic bottles so helping the environment. 

Save water & energy

A recent report confirmed that as a nation, we waste huge amounts of water and energy by overfilling kettles. Quooker will only dispense the exact amount of 100°C boiling water you need precisely when you need it. There’s no water wastage and only minimal energy is used to keep the boiling water available on demand – so it’s the perfect replacement for your kettle. 


Limited offer. Installation now £99*, normally £384 only when you quote code ARC/04. 

Quooker Manchester Showroom

Open Monday – Saturday 10.00 – 16.00 

*Installation based on connection to existing services. 


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