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Friday, July 1, 2022

Helifix Micro-piles

Investigative work for a single storey workshop extension recently revealed that load bearing depth and soil composition varied across the whole area of the proposed site.

These observations and the need for economical and reliable foundations to be installed quickly, whilst causing minimal disruption, resulted in the specification of Helifix Micro-piles as the solution. Not only would the Micro-piles provide rapid, cost-effective structural support for the new building, they would cause much less disruption compared to traditional high volume concrete pours. The installation was so rapid that the foundations were installed in just one day, with no soil removal, vibrations or major interuptions to the existing commercial property. Each of the six Micro-piles required were simply ‘screwed’ vertically into the ground, at the appropriate locations, using a hydraulic drive head. 


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