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Just like paper

Digital drawings are essential in architecture; annotating, taking notes, quick sketches have become a commodity, but it doesn’t feel quite like paper. Enter the PaperLike with Nanodots, a screen protector that give iPads the texture and grain of real illustrator’s paper stock.

Founder of PaperLike, Jan Sapper commented: “I always wanted to work paperless, but the feeling of hard rubber writing on glass ipad was awkward, and my Pencil was sliding all over the screen. I needed a solution but couldn’t find one. I tinkered around a bit and soon came up with PaperLike.”

Stylus’ glide effortlessly across the PaperLike, thanks to the patented NanoDot technology that creates a high quality surface to write or draw on. PaperLike is ideal for artists, architects and designers for improved precision with graphics, writing or architectural sketches.

The brand has optimised the ideal amount of friction for extended drawing sessions and the right stroke resistance for optimal accuracy, making it one of the most vital drawing assets on the tablet market. With a superior display quality, a tactile matte and anti-glare finish, nothing stands in the way of streaming, writing or drawing on your iPad as you would the finest paper. Fall in love with sketching on an iPad with the PaperLike screen protector.

Developed for creatives who want the precision of paper in a paperless environment, this is an exceptional tool and essential to any architect’s design kit. For under £25, and fitting just about any existing iPad, the PaperLike is a must-have product and better still, as well as full fitting instructions, with each purchase there are two screen protectors, which can be shared in the office.


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