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Fresh design

Rawson Carpet solutions, UK Manufacturer of Carpet sheet, tiles, entrance mat solutions and bespoke interior products, share their updated brand and product range

Having gone through a thorough brand and product upgrade of late, Rawson Carpets now have a broader range of products, case studies and designs, which is complemented by a new website and design studio.

Renowned for high durability sheet and tiles, Rawson’s range is now more vast and colourful than before. Over the past two years the rebranding has brought with it new nylon carpet tile and plank products, providing quality, design and choice.

Ranging from quality standard nylon ranges such as ‘Jazz or Signal’ with a broad colour bank to two ply nylon designs with multi loop and depth structure to satisfy clients that wish to make a statement.

The most innovative of these is ‘Riven’ a unique natural design. The product satisfies Rawson’s desire to provide a carpet solution for all situations and follows in the new product ethos.

Guy Stanton, Director at WE Rawson commented: “The plan is simply to capitalise on our offering by bringing quality new designs to market that can be stand alone, but that also can combine with existing ranges to form a truly unique design.

“Structured designs can blend sinuously with smooth loop pile products to provide a truly inspired unique space. As the company continues to add to the market, the team always remembers the value of the clients and customers, ensuring that Rawson deliver excellent service and support that is vital to the brand’s success in today’s market. All products undergo thorough Quality control and are individually assessed by the BRE with A+ credentials.”

Other new products include Exocord, a new exhibition carpet sheet solution. Rawson are currently working on an in-house process, producing fully recyclable solutions. Moreover the range of entrance mat solutions has been improved, with the latest product ‘Arrival’, which offers a clear and defined patterned primary entrance solution. The intricate inlay service allows for design options and as a manufacturer, all products can be bespoke in colours, size or design.

Rawson have also now expanded to include outdoor synthetic sports surfaces offering to include terracotta and grass surfaces for a multitude of sport and play activities. All of these products are UV resistant and durable.

Rawson Carpet Solutions have been utilised in offices, schools and retail for over half a century and have enhanced the brand to offer even more services to clients.

Now is the time to rediscover Rawson.


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