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The Place to Be

Woodscape share their recent public project in the centre of the picturesque city of Bath

Woodscape recently had the pleasure of working with Macgregor Smith Landscape Architects, who headed up an incredible public realm enhancement project in the centre of the World Heritage City of Bath, which completed in June 2019.

The central plaza within the SouthGate Centre, along with Brunel Square outside the main train station, were identified as places that could be more effectively utilised for both the everyday, and for the many events that take place in Bath throughout the year.

The necessary flexibility of the spaces required planter seats that were movable to allow reworking of the area for the various events. The key circular seat design with offset tree void was made up from a combination of timber slats and intricate bronze fretwork from Inspired Metal, with Woodscape bringing the necessary technical experience required to manufacture the seats in such a way that they could be relocated as needed, working alongside the team to ensure the perfect solution.

Custom metal tubular benches were produced to perfectly wrap around a series of artificial grass mounds, mimicking the ‘combes’ that are so reminiscent of the local landscape and bringing colour and life to the space.

The existing large Plane tree at the heart of the space is embraced as a centrepiece within the design and encircled by a circular hardwood tree seat with bronze fretwork text exploring what makes the City unique.  The space is finished off beautifully with dramatic lighting spilling out from within a striking bronze lantern, composed from intricate typography depicting an A-Z of ‘What Bath Means to Me’.

Four large circular tree seats were produced for Brunel Square, utilising a bronze finish skirt to tie into the existing Bath design aesthetic, and durable hardwood slats with L-shaped backrest, providing considerable seating space for an area with high pedestrian traffic.

The impact of the public realm enhancements and new street furniture have already brought about a huge benefit to the area and will remain to do so as they continue to play an important role in the cultural activity at the heart of the City for years to come.


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