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Thursday, June 30, 2022

West Meets East

Sound Space Vision has extensive experience in Western opera and classical music combined and an enthusiasm for Asian art forms, which was crucial to the development of the acoustics and audio systems for the multi-functional Xiqu Centre dedicated to the preservation and development of xiqu, Chinese Opera.

In addition to the differences from Western opera in vocal technique, instrumentation and orchestration, over the past 50 years xiquhas become more amplified to adapt to the poor acoustics of existing venues.

The client brief embraced contemporary technologies and fusion of art forms. The Xiqu Centre design integrates natural acoustics and audio design in order to balance the loud instruments and softer voices, and to give both amplified and unamplified performers supported, but clear, room acoustics.

This creates a new experience in the level of audio and acoustical quality for the Chinese Opera, and looks towards future artistic development in the Xiqu Centre.

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