Secure, affective design from Videx UK

Secure, affective design from Videx UK

James Gray, Videx UK, explains why Secured by Design (SBD) accredited systems play an important role in improving security and reducing anti-social behaviour.

Videx UK

?Secured by Design (SBD) is the UK police initiative for designing out crime by physical security that aims to reduce crime through effective environmental design. The scheme calls for the installation of security products that meet police approved standards.

?The principles of Secured by Design have been proven to achieve a reduction of crime risk by up to 75 per cent and significant reductions in anti-social behaviour, which is why all door entry, access control and associated physical security products should carry the SBD accreditation.

?Videx was the first door entry company to be SBD approved, and we have been a member company since 2013. The aim of ??Designing Out Crime?? is to reduce the vulnerability of people, property and businesses to crime by removing opportunities that may be unintentionally provided by the surrounding environment. It also aims to reduce fear of crime and, in doing so, helps to improve people??s quality of life.

?As a member company, Videx has taken the principles of designing out crime and applied them to the specification and development of our class leading ??Police Preferred Specification?? products. Offering a wide range of suitably tested products, we introduce a compliant, cost-effective and crime reducing system into the access control and door entry market.

?There is no ??one size fits all?? solution when it comes to access control and door entry, which is why we can create unique systems. We manufacture and provide a wide range of door entry systems from audio and video solutions to GSM, concierge and biometric readers, which each carry specific features to meet particular entry and security obligations.

?Our bespoke service means we can fully adapt the system??s software to meet the end user??s needs. We have previously provided bespoke software options, which allow multiple doors to open upon authorisation and remain open following very specific commands from the user. Engraving a system is also part of this bespoke service. As well as featuring engraving for apartment numbers, many clients ask for a specific logo, company name or block name on the panel.

?One popular system that we provide is the Secured by Design accredited VX2200 system for both private and public sector installations, which can be tailored to meet specific entry needs. It is an extremely flexible system, which can accommodate individual houses through to large blocks with multiple entrances, such as housing association accommodation.

?Concierge facilities are also available for this system allowing a concierge to be used either on site or remotely via an IP or ethernet connection. Videx offers a range of door panel styles ranging from modular through to vandal resistant and also offers a number of different styles of apartment video monitors and telephones.

?SBD has recently updated its legalisation and there now exists a Secured by Design National Building Approval that provides installers, contractors, developers and house builders with a more efficient and simplified route to compliance. New SBD guidelines state that any residential or commercial developments that provide over 25 dwellings must capture and record colour images of those who use the property??s door entry system. Videx??s market leading memory videophone offers this feature and more. Critically, on board memory can store up to 100 pictures and it provides the capability of recording images onto an SD Card.

?Videx offers assistance and support to all SBD door entry and access control projects, especially larger scale projects where installation can be complex. Videx can be involved from the planning and design stages right through to post installation support.??

Videx UK

Jade Tilley
Jade Tilley

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