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Cotswold dry stone walling

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Cotswold Stone is and has been, one of the most popular products for wall building across the ages. Its natural colour with its subtle traditional honey characteristics has a charm and beauty that other stones find hard to equal.


Smiths?? Cotswold dry walling stone, quarried in the northwest corner of the Oxfordshire Cotswold, is the genuine article and has all the warmth and subtly you would expect from the stone from this part of the country. Since Smiths started to quarry Cotswold stone its popularity has spread far and wide. Increasingly it is being used for a variety of modern construction work, for example: new property walling, building of Cotswold styled properties, conservation and restoration work, landscaping projects and it is ideal for exterior and interior facing/cladding. It can also be used to face gabion baskets. Smiths?? very knowledgeable masons, hand select and roughly dress all the stone before it leaves the quarry, and depending on the usage, will supply a varying selection of stone sizes to suit each order.


The technical department at Smiths are very helpful and will give advice on a number of relevant questions, for example, a guide to the quantity of Cotswold stone required. Is it a single or double skin wall? What is the traditional way to top the wall ?? known in the Cotswolds as ?Cock and hens??! Don??t be afraid to ask because if Smiths experts can??t answer an enquiry, as corporate members of the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain they have at their fingertips details of the best qualified craftsman in the country.

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Smiths have a well-established list of professional craftsmen who specialise in building with natural stone. all information is available online.


Delivery, where practical, will be direct to the stone project, or builders are welcome to collect, for convenience. The stone is normally sold in Smiths branded bulk bags, (approximately 800kgs of stone, depending on size of stone), but large ??loose stone?? deliveries, with the Smiths tipper vehicles, can be arranged. Nationwide delivery of the Smiths Cotswold stone is also available.


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