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The rapid growth of content-heavy mobile applications and cloud-computing, means that the demand for efficient and secure computer hardware to store data is growing exponentially every year. As a result, dedicated data centres to house the legions of networked computers required to keep this online world turning are being built in almost every corner of the world. Fibrelite composite covers are in the midst of this hi-tech building boom. Fibrelite composite covers are available in a range of sizes and load ratings. Designed to be a ?fit-and-forget?? product, they are maintenance-free, lightweight, durable and very strong as a matter of course. Custom-made trench covering solutions are available on request which means that dimensions, internal stiffeners and fibre-architecture can be altered to optimize the performance of each panel based on project-specific design criteria. Fibrelite composite covers can also be moulded in virtually any colour or colour-combination and as the pigment is added into the resin during manufacture, there are no problems with the colour scratching or fading over time.

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