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Coffee shop culture

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Office workers regularly leave their offices in search of a more relaxed, creative environments such as coffee shops. Steelcase, a worldwide provider of high performance workplace solutions resolves this dilemma and, with its new WorkCafé environment, draws employees back into the office. The secret of the WorkCafé is that it combines the stimulating atmosphere of a coffee house with the high degree of technology and comfort one would expect of a well-designed office. The WorkCafé is divided into five different zones, notably the Nomadic Camp where mobile workers can concentrate or meet with team members and the Resource Centre providing employees with all those things that ease the normal working day. The other three zones are Kitchen and Dine, The Social Hub, and Meeting Commons. The WorkCafé offers more than just a coffee machine and couch, instead it incorporates three elements identified to promote efficient work. The WorkCafé incorporates technology, strong design attributes and hosting characteristics to help employees get organised and feel welcomed.??






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