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Thermofoam is a new, highly flexible PU expanding foam from Everbuild, specially formulated to absorb movement, giving an air tight seal to reduce heat loss and in turn improving energy efficiency in buildings. Thermofoam has been tested to the latest standard and is not only air permeability tested to EN12114:200-03 but also acoustic rated to EN ISO 717-1 up to 64Db, temperature resistant (-40 to 80°C) and finally fire rated to ISO 13501 Class E. The powerful bond strength and flexibility of Thermofoam gives excellent long term thermal and acoustic insulation by inhibiting cracks from occurring during the contraction of building materials in areas such as around window and door frames, giving a hermetically sealed barrier. Thermofoam is available in 750ml tins and is compatible with the Everbuild range of foam applicator guns to give the user more control to apply the foam in hard to reach places.

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