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Hot box design

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Homes without a chimney are now able to bask in the glow of a fireplace thanks to revolutionary new bio-fuel technology. The EcoSmart Bio-Ethanol Fire Box is completely self-contained, and requiring no chimney or flue, can be installed in any home. The fireplaces are available from Smart Fire UK, the only UK distributor for EcoSmart Fire. The fire is fuelled entirely by bio-ethanol, a clean burning liquid, sourced from agriculture. The fire box needs no chimney, flue, or extraction system, meaning its design possibilities are virtually limitless. As such, the EcoSmart Bio-Ethanol Fire Box has become a popular choice for new-build homes. The fires have been designed to compliment a wide range of building materials to create a traditional or modern look. The fuel is stored in the internal reservoir meaning that there are no pipes or cables required during the installation process.







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