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Friday, December 8, 2023

A slippery slope

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Wilo was recently responsible for the ??snow like??s ski slope at the Midlothian Snowsport Centre on the outskirts of Edinburgh. To keep the ski slope at just the right level of ??slipperiness??, requires a misting system that sprays water droplets onto the slope to form a thin layer of water between the skis edges and the plastic slope. Historically, the misting system in place has been difficult to keep operating effectively, so when the slope refurbishment was mooted, an upgrade to the misting system was requested. Wilo??s Steven Walker, liaised with his technical team at Wilo HQ and came up with the perfect solution. The refurbished centre was recently handed over to a delighted Midlothian Council and initial reports suggest the ski slope misting is operating wonderfully well and increasing levels of enjoyment to skiers significantly. The answer to the challenge was the installation of a 25 bar variable speed booster set from Wilo, which provides the misting onto the plastic ski slope.






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