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No more red tape

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Members of the BMA launched its own European Water Label scheme in 2007.

It marked a defining moment in the bathroom industry and the scheme caught on.  Manufacturers began labelling their products and listing them in the Water Label database so that consumers could make their own choice of water consuming product. Today the European Water Label is firmly established in 32 countries. It has nearly 70 major bathroom brands with almost 7000 products listed on its website. The scheme is supported by major builders?? merchants and retailers, the media, Water Utilities and over 1000 national stockists and has won four major sustainably and business awards. But, beware, the bureaucrats of Brussels are on the horizon and might consider enshrining the European Water Label into a law which dictates to all of us how much water a shower or tap can deliver. If the Bathroom and Kitchen Industry doesn??t continue its support the existing voluntary scheme then bang goes choice. The development of the European Water Label is one of those success stories, which tends to go un-noticed. It is a major success, which is low cost, maintains consumer choice, does what it is designed to do and needs to be supported by the industry.


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