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The value of recycling

Smiths have been recycling waste material from the construction industry for many years, with an impressive range of recycled products available. Smiths have now added to this range, the Windrush Eco Range of washed recycled aggregates, named after the River Windrush that gently flows through the Gill Mill Quarry on its way to join the River Thames.


Smiths made a substantial investment in this washed recycling plant, enabling the company to recycle even more waste, more efficiently, thus reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.????The new state of the art equipment has been installed at the Gill Mill quarry, near Witney, Oxfordshire and is now producing quality washed recycled aggregates. With this new washing facility it enables the production of high-end aggregates, to both supplement and complement the primary washed sands and gravels, in addition to the existing range of recycled material.



Recycled aggregates are produced from a variety of construction waste products such as demolition materials – normally sourced locally – consisting of concrete, bricks, tiles, asphalt and tarmacadam spoil. A strict policy of inspection, testing and segregation ensures that product quality is maintained throughout the production of the washed recycled aggregates.????Smiths can now offer these high quality recycled products, demonstrating not only their continued commitment to customer service but also to sustainable, environmentally friendly production.


Smiths take recycling very seriously and because of this, they aim to produce and generate as many recycled materials as possible. The Windrush ECO range of washed and recycled aggregates are available in 10mm, 20mm and 40mm aggregates plus the washed sharp sand. These high quality products complement the existing range of dry recycled products, which include Clay, Soil, (Screened and Unscreened) Crushed Concrete (Type 1 Graded and Hardcore) and Tarmac Planings.



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