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Renovating Wayout Lodge

Quality, function and appearance were major factors when choosing rainwater goods to renovate Wayout Lodge, a listed property which has undergone a major transformation by owner and interior designer James Gostelow. Existing plastic drainpipes were replaced with Rainguard XL Aluminium pipes and gutters.


James commented, ?In my eyes aluminium guttering was the most cost effective way of achieving a solid material and a great look??.


Dating back to 1830, James knew that the hopper design was something that was hugely important. ?I wanted a design to fit in with the era of the lodge and give that dramatic effect. The Yeoman Rainguard Victoria GRP Hopper was able to fit the bill exactly.??
James added, ?Working with Yeoman Rainguard certainly proved their worth and I had expert advice to succeed in what I had set out to achieve, which was a rainwater product that would serve its purpose, look good and do away with the hideous plastic drainage system??.

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