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Jetmaster fires


For over sixty years, Jetmaster??s wood and coal convector fires have been well known for their efficient two way heating system and for curing troublesome smoke trying to invade the home but mostly for creating a welcoming warmth that makes you feel right at home.


When there??s a chill outside, there??s nothing like the feeling of cosying up by the open flame. Or settling down at the end of a long day with a glass of wine, a good book and a gentle heat warming your toes. Embers glow and logs crackle, while warmth reaches for every corner of your room.


An exceptionally high percentage of people first fall in love with Jetmaster because they saw one at a friend or relative??s home. Once experienced, no other fire will do.


The company’s open fires give you advantages a stove doesn??t ?? the relaxing sound of burning logs, a bigger flame and a well-warmed room more quickly. And because it lights easily and heats quickly you don??t have to keep our wood burning open fires going all the time.


Jetmaster builds its fires with efficiency in mind. Recognised as the most efficient open fire in the world, Jetmaster open fires live up to the demands of clean burning and heat efficiency.


A common issue with traditional open fires is smoke spilling in to the room. As well as being inconvenient, this is unsafe and hazardous. Jetmaster is known for solving unpleasant smoking issues spilling in the room. Jetmaster offer a ?No Smoke Guarantee?? with every open fire. The proven design draws smoke through the unit and up the chimney, never in to the room.


Most of the heat a traditional open fire generates goes straight up the chimney, with about 10% of the heat generated going in to the room. This directly equates to how much wood you need to burn to stay warm?? lots! A Jetmaster is the most efficient open fire in the UK, with fuel efficiencies of up to 50% when burning wood. That??s as much as five times better than a standard firebrick opening.


Every Jetmaster also redirects heat back into the room that would normally be lost up the chimney ?? both as radiant heat and gently circulating convective heat. Cool air is drawn underneath the firebox and through the convection chamber, before being released back as hot air.



With a Jetmaster fire you get peace of mind. All products are all handmade and built to last, not mass produced. Jetmaster guarantees fireboxes for two years automatically and ten years when you register.


Jetmaster??s have a reputation for easy installations and are more affordable to install than stoves. Installation costs of stoves can make them impractical financially. With a Jetmaster open fire the setup is simple and there??s usually no need to install a flue liner, which a potential source of significant savings.


The company makes the only approved inset open fire in the UK and our robust design complies with the strict building regulations of document ?L??, so that architects and builders can specify and install our open fires to be enjoyed in new builds for years to come.


At the end of the day, there??s nothing quite as peaceful as the romantic ambiance and warmth of burning wood on an open fire. It??s the character and heart of a home.


For further information please telephone 02380 629513, email info@jetmaster.co.uk or visit www.jetmaster.co.uk



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