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Thursday, June 30, 2022

A breath of fresh air for Velux

The headquarters of Velux draws attention amongst a collection of dull unimaginative commercial buildings on the North Eastern outskirts of Vienna. Velux has been on this site for some 30 years and inevitably the original building had seen a number of modifications over that period. So the decision was taken to develop a completely new administrative facility, much more in keeping with the contemporary style of the company. Critical to the design of the building is the Velux core concept of bringing fresh air and daylight into living and working spaces; so natural light floods into the building at every opportunity, helping to create a hospitable and friendly environment. Therefore thermal bridging was a crucial early design consideration and so the designers of the Velux building incorporated one of the most effective countermeasures on the market, the Isokorb structural thermal break unit from Schöck. It is a range that allows connections to be made between concrete-to-concrete, concrete-to-steel and steel-to-steel. Considering preventing thermal bridging is critical because the resultant heat and energy loss are only two of the consequences should it occur.


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