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High efficiency in small circulators

The arrival of high efficiency small circulators courtesy of the ErP Directive from the EU which now demands that in the vast majority of cases only high efficiency small circulators are used in new build and replacement pumping situations in homes, is great news for homeowners, as with up to 90 per cent energy savings over old uncontrolled pumps, most homeowners will see a saving of around £100 a year in their energy bills. That is a saving that should see the new pump paid for within two to three years, after which it??s all savings for the rest of the pump??s lifespan, which is anything up to fifteen years. Wilo offers a range of high efficiency pumps that meet all possible requirements from the Yonos, to the Pico to the Stratos for larger homes. As well as the financial savings associated with the Wilo pumps, there are savings in the emissions generated by the heating system, which fits in well to Wilo??s environmental policy, not just green in colour, Wilo pumps are green by nature.


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