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RIBA approval for Rooflights CPD Seminar




Hambleside Danelaw is delighted to announce that the new CPD seminar entitled Rooflight Solutions for the Metal Building Envelope has been assessed and is now approved by RIBA. This means that we are now entitled to deliver this seminar as core curriculum CPD to architects and other construction professionals.


Buildings which provide high levels of natural light generally provide a better working environment than those which are dependent upon artificial light. It is known that people respond better to working in natural light conditions, benefitting their own performance, and of course less dependency upon artificial light reduces energy consumption and costs as well as impacting upon the building??s overall carbon footprint. Thermally efficient insulated rooflights will also reduce heat loss and energy costs.



Rooflight Solutions for the Metal Building Envelope provides delegates with a deeper understanding of the operational, financial and environmental benefits of a well-chosen daylighting plan using GRP rooflights. The focus of the seminar is on metal-clad industrial buildings, both new-build and the refurbishment of existing building stock.



Key specification considerations are highlighted for discussion and comparisons between commonly used rooflight materials are also examined in depth. The presentation takes approximately one hour including a question and answer session.


?? Understand the benefits of integrating rooflights into building design.
?? Understand the advantages and disadvantages of rooflight materials available.
?? Understand key concerns when specifying rooflights.
?? Understand the environmental concerns of the rooflight manufacturers.


?? To establish the key environmental concerns relevant to the building environment over the next 10 years and beyond.
?? To explore the advantages/disadvantages and applications of GRP as a building material.
?? To explore the relevant concerns when specifying rooflights including U-value, solar gain, non-fragility, daylight factor, and responsible manufacturing practices.
?? Explore product innovations targeted to assist specification of buildings to meet the ever changing demands.


In-house sessions are available at architectural practices as well as at RIBA organised events. The seminars are intended for Architects, Building Owners and Managers, Planning Professionals and Facilities Managers. Initial feedback on the seminar has been extremely positive and we are pleased that it is now RIBA approved, enabling chartered members to earn CPD points and contribute to their learning and development.


For more information telephone 01327 701 900 or visit www.hambleside-danelaw.co.uk/news/cpd-seminars



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