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Thursday, June 30, 2022

A new way to insulate building facades



Developing a new solution to help property owners and architects meet energy saving targets in high performance building is no mean feat. Simultaneously broadening the design spectrum and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a facade is almost unheard of.


Silicon-based technology experts Dow Corning have harnessed the thermal and insulation benefits of slim line vacuum insulation panels, to create an innovative building envelope component that works in synergy with other facade elements to increase energy efficiency. Dow Corning® Architectural Insulation Modules incorporate a vacuum insulation panel within a sealed unit. Inherently moisture resistant, they offer superior insulation which is 5 ?? 10 times better than some conventional products such as mineral wool. With a minimum expected life span of 30 years for the thermal performance and longer for the structural performance, Dow Corning Architectural Insulation Modules protect the fabric of a building, creating uninterrupted glass walls which allow fixed glazing, non-vision panels and windows to work in unison.


These compact and robust modules can be seamlessly integrated into standard curtain walling systems and are supplied as a finished unit in a choice of customised glass-to-glass or metal architectural finishes to meet project design requirements. Dow Corning also assists clients with thermal modelling for the entire facade and can give conceptual design advice to ensure full stability and durability.


For Further information or to request a CPD, please visit www.dowcorning.com/hpinsulation or e-mail marie.elliott@dowcorning.com



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