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VVAA wins competition to design the Europaallee ‘Site D’ in Zurich

??Site D?? is the ??capstone?? of Europaallee, an emerging mixed-use district adjacent Zürich??s central train station, and consists of highly flexible office and retail space.

This new building is an integral component of Europaallee, a currently emerging district adjacent to Zürich??s central train station. A plinth of retail programming anchors the project to its site, while its upper volumes consist of flexible office spaces that, due to their shallow depth and efficient façade grid, can be occupied by several individual companies or a larger singular tenant. These dual programs posed the challenge of creating two unique lighting and spatial requirements within this prominently sited building. The main entry has been positioned along the parallel Europaaallee, and opens onto the ground floor??s main retail and circulation spaces.


From the ground floor, a central staircase complemented by two ramping escalators traverses and connects these areas. Foreseeing a possible conversion into future residential units, the building??s flexible structure was designed to allow for such a repurpose of its program. The resulting silhouette, and the alignment of its highest points with the trackside façades of the two adjacent plots, will ensure a powerful and unified building amid the area??s planned structures, further defining the distinguished context of the surrounding Europaallee.


Wiel Arets Architects (WAA) was founded by Wiel Arets in 1983, and today the office has studios in Amsterdam, Berlin, Maastricht, and Zürich ?? with an international team of architects and administrators globally engaged in architecture, education, product design, publishing, research, and urbanism. WAA??s output is acclaimed for its craftsmanship and hybrid-solutions, both achieved through extensive research.









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