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Technology that brings imagination to façades

With Imageo, Arval is introducing a product to the market, which enables images and graphics to be integrated into façades on a large scale using printed sheet steel. 

Whether large landscape panoramas, pictures of individual objects, drawings and writing by famous artists, or simply a company logo ?? Imageo transfers the architect??s or client??s own powers of imagination directly into the polyester coating of the steel sheet thus providing boundless possibilities for customized façade design.
All that is needed in order to use Imageo technology is data material with suitable resolution, for example in jpg format. An Arval curtain wall façade, a thin sandwich panel or a simple double skinned façade construction with sidings or cassettes can be used as the base. As backing material a coil-coated steel sheet is used, to which the pigmentation is transferred in a thermosetting coating. Then a clear varnish is applied which provides UV and graffiti protection. Thanks to the use of a high-quality coating system, Arval provides a 10-year anti- corrosion warranty which also guarantees the durability of the image.
The maximum thickness of the backing material must not exceed 65 mm. The maximum length of an element is 6.5 m, its maximum width 2.0 m. However, projects can be carried out on any scale by preparing the visual or graphic data accordingly and adjusting the façade arrangement. At the end of the life cycle, Imageo can be fully recycled just like any steel sheet building element.
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