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Cofra5 provides easy design of composite floors






Arval, the ArcelorMittal brand specialised in innovative steel solutions for façades, roofs and, in particular, composite floors, has announced the release of Cofra5. 




Cofra5 is a new, web-based, design software to facilitate the design of lightweight composite floor solutions. Cofra5 makes it easy to propose alternatives to traditional floor structures quickly and reliably, thereby allowing the evaluation of the technical feasibility of such alternatives in the early stages of a project. 






Simplify the basic engineering of composite floor systems 


In the search for the most appropriate technical and economical solution for their client??s structural concept, engineers need to compare a wide range of construction alternatives. The number of alternatives that can be considered is limited by the effort required to assess each design. Cofra5 is an easy-to-use tool to check the technical feasibility of a composite floor design ?? rapidly and completely. Cofra5 allows more options to be assessed early in the project.




Calculation according EC 4 as additional service to our product range


Cofra5 covers both the static analysis of the construction stage of the project as well as the final behaviour of the composite system in use. The software is based on the demonstrated performance of ArcelorMittal Arval??s product range of composite floor sheets (Cofrastra and Cofraplus) and takes into account the specific national design parameters wherever general Eurocode design rules are accepted. The software can also work with specific German DIN regulations and allows the user to set up other criteria individually, such as crack limitation or redistribution of the hogging moment. Defined for single or irregular multi-span systems, the Cofra5 software can apply complex, punctual, linear and mobile loads and so can reproduce all common scenarios. 




Ease-of-use and web-access are key to user-friendliness 


The simple user-interface, with choice of language, has a simple input mask and delivers the calculation results either in a summary report or as full documentation both in pdf-format. By being web-based the software guarantees compatibility with any IT-system and ensures that the latest version is always available for use. Each subscriber??s account is password protected and users manage their own project data and store project calculations. Summary:




Performance of Cofra5 web based design tool 


?? Calculation note for the construction & service stages as summary report or full documentation


?? Design according to EC 4 or DIN referring to national design parameters


?? Description of irregular multi-span systems 


?? Integration of complex, punctual linear and mobile loads as permanent or live loads




User-friendly interface of Cofra5


?? Multi-lingual user-interface and calculation reports


?? Web-based software, guaranteeing compatibility with any IT-system and real time up-dating of the software as calculation methods or design codes change


?? Simplified user interface 


?? Password-protected personal project data-base for each subscriber 


?? Output of calculation results as pdf-document with automatic indexation of different versions??




For more information email info.construction@arcelormittal.com or visit 







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