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Winery waste gets Bio-Bubble treatment



A new English Winery started production in October 2010. The Wield Winery, which is located at Kings Farm, Lower Wield Alresford, benefits from produce grown on a family owned vineyard in the Hattingley Valley with a current vine tally of 25,000 vines. The South facing slopes with chalky bedrock at Hattingley are similar to the Terroir of Champagne in France. Produce from other UK vineyards are used to make red, white and sparkling wines.


Sewage from approximately 30 people working at the Winery, along with the staff at other small businesses located at Wield Yard Industrial Estate is blended with about 3.5 m3 of waste from the Winery process. Organically, the population equivalent of the Bio-Bubble Treatment Plant is 260 PE with waste 10 fold stronger than typical domestic sewage.


To assist with the optimisation of the treatment process, the Bio-Bubble uses Hach Lange dissolved oxygen, temperature and pH probes together with mixed liquor and sludge blanket monitors.


Using a Broadband communications link, the Bio-Bubble team can monitor trends during the harvesting and production periods in order to optimise the plant and enhance the performance, this further adds to the comfort of the Winery owners in that they have a process partner to assist with the management of their waste processing and meeting their obligations under the Environmental permit granted by the Environment Agency.


For more information telephone 02392 200669 or email sales@bio-bubble.com



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