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Protect your facade from graffiti

Cleaning graffiti off buildings costs millions of euros annually. To some  it is street art and to others a vandalism. Graffiti on public and private  facades is a problem of the urban environment that diminishes the value  of the building and generating also a negative social connotation. Taggers are not just causing aesthetic problems; graffiti interacts  with building materials to create lasting damage and unfortunately graffiti removal is a specialised and expensive task. Arval has developed a new paint system to prevent graffiti abuse discouraging taggers and making  removal of graffiti an easy task.


New way of Coating
The new coating is designed to protect against both graffiti and also  resists marker pens. Once the protective coating has been applied, graffiti can be removed with clear water using sponge, soft brush, cold low pressure power washer according to the nature and size of the surface. There is no longer a need for hazardous chemicals and no more training  or safety issues to clear unsightly graffiti and tagging ?? with flonTEC anti-graffiti, graffiti can be washed away simply and quickly with nothing more than tap water! Graffiti removal has never been easier. This new surface not only provides protection against graffiti, it also stays cleaner longer due to his dirt repellent properties. The coating has hydrophobic properties i.e. it is water repellent which is why anti-graffiti facades stay cleaner and are easier to clean.


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