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A grand perspective for Tobermore


Tobermore??s Secura Retaining Wall range is helping to revolutionise the appearance of wall systems by offering customers beautiful yet effective solutions for landscapers, civil engineers and homeowners. Customers no longer have to put up with drab, ugly systems such as concrete reinforced, crib or gabion walls, as Tobermore??s Secura segmental system is not only beautiful, but is a very cost effective solution.


Ideal for most retaining wall projects, Secura is quick and easy to use and allows for the possibility of incorporating right angles or curvatures. As a mortar free dry laid system, Secura walling offers complete design flexibility coupled with an outstanding quality in appearance ?? both points of which are owed largely to the materials used.



With three ranges of Secura, Lite, Major and Grand, each has its own set of unique properties that will help enhance almost any installation. For example, Secura Lite is used mainly in domestic situations ?? this can include any project from the creation of a raised flower bed to a garden wall. With a variety of three different block widths providing a random stone appearance that is both traditional in meeting high levels of aesthetic expectations and modern in production, quality and technical ability.


Secura Major and Secura Grand are generally used for larger and higher walls, ideally suited to landscaping schemes such as housing developments, roads and commercial property etc. They either can be used as a gravity walling system up to 1.2 metres or when combined with Geogrid to form much higher structures, which have often gone to 10 metres high. All the Secura walls are mortar free and dry-laid block and have a very attractive ?split and aged?? nostalgic finish.


An example of Tobermore??s Secura products can be seen at Trinity Academy in Halifax where Secura Grand in multicoloured bracken has recently been installed. The architect used Tobermore Secura Grand retaining walls to a stunning effect by creating a beautiful amphitheater. By cutting into the landscape, the dramatic tiered wall system now provides Trinity Academy with a fabulous arena for audiences to sit and enjoy school performances and presentations.


Tobermore is internationally renowned for its well-established paving and walling manufacturing facilities, providing customers with a market leading choice of products to suit all manner of projects. Established in 1942, Tobermore??s continued product development and high quality continues to surpass customer expectations to this day.


For more information visit www.tobermore.co.uk



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